Pharmacy System

Pharmacy System

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  • 1 April، 2019

System Features

1 – Provide the system with alert functions on the dates of payment and collection and minimum stores and orders stopped and follow up the implementation of orders and follow-up quotations..

2 – The system is characterized by the movement of free items (allow free sale and purchase, and know each customer, or the resource was sold to him, or buy it free of charge).

3 – The system is characterized by the existence of a statement of account items (know the quantities withdrawn and sold and stored in the store for any class of items).

4 – The system is characterized by a window to follow the movement of debt and means (control of debt and repayments to customers and the amount of other payment).

5. The archives window through which any modification or deletion of any document and its knowledge shall be monitored by the modification made and by any user.

6 – balance of quarterly review (quarterly – half – yearly).

7. Provide the system with a pre-prepared accounting manual and can be modified and added to the user.

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