Dot Xpro System

Dot Xpro System

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  • 1 April، 2019

System Features

1 – The system is characterized by multilingual (Arabic English).

2. The system was built according to the criteria of the continuous inventory system.

3 – A great search technology to search for the complete product information from anywhere in the system with the possibility to perform certain operations on the information directly.

4 – Customize the hot keys to move quickly between the components of the system.

5. Automatic database backup.

6 – Electronic archiving of documents and references manual and manual

7. The Dot X Pro system enables the possibility of working on a single account system for all currencies. It is also possible to create many funds, banks and warehouses. As well as query the account for several currencies.

8 – The system is characterized by giving the user the freedom to migrate accounting operations either (automatically or manually) by controlling the settings provided by the system. Giving the user easy migration and extraction report.

9 – Features a sophisticated search system in all windows of the system to search for any information within the system with high accuracy and speed in showing results.

10 – The system supports multiple companies, multiple branches, multiple currencies, multiple stores and multiple users, as well as multiple units of measurement class.

Educational Guide

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