Professional Exchange System

Professional Exchange System

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  • 1 April، 2019

System Features

1- Accuracy in calculations and saving in time and effort.

2 – Reports of remittances, which are divided into incoming remittances (the total of all agents in one currency, several clients, during the day, period, month, day, as detailed in all options)

3 – Report the sale and purchase of several options.

4. Archives reports are the black box of the system.

5. Various reports of most of the system outputs.

6 – Method of transfer methods of remittances.

7- Commission system through which commissions can be set with agents.

8 – the system of remittances through which the knowledge of remittances sent from remittances sent in a wonderful and easy and comprehensive reports.

9 – Security where all employees can be monitored and control of all operations and those who entered, deleted or modified and at any time introduced in the second.

10 – full compatibility with the system of transfer transfers creativity.

11 – Lock system operations before a certain date so that can not modify or delete or add before that date.

12 – the system of exchange rates between foreign currencies central or each branch separately (eg exchange rate between currencies to local currency or between foreign currencies (Saudi Arabia and the dollar, for example and the way the system deals with them)).

13. Archives where the archives show all the transactions on the bonds where the fields where the changes or deletions can be displayed.

14 – the system of arrest of remittances and their declaration at a delay for a certain period with the possibility of determining the duration, ie, when the lifetime of the transfer to a certain period stopped automatically, as well as the system of the introduction of remittances and the issuance of certain conditions.

15 – The search method has been updated in all the windows of the system so that the search in a wide and multiple ways.

16 – Develop the double entries window so that the full entry and the transfer to the accounts.

17. The system can handle more than one virtual printer at the same time (report printer – dot matrix printer – Kodak printer – mission printer).

18. SMS system for remittances and accounts.

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